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.:: Soccercards Latest Version - v1.42 (~700kb zipped) (Save games since v1.40 will work) ::.
.:: Eurocards 2004 Latest Version - v1.01 (~470kb zipped) ::.
.:: World Cup Cards 2006 Latest Version - v1.00 (~570kb zipped) ::.

NEWS: June 1st 2006

Based on the Soccer Cards 2 engine I have created a world cup version of the game. It is quite a rough version but I thought I'd create it for myself and anyone else interested. You can grab it from the link above (no install necessary, just unzip the file).

In more positive news, development has restarted on Soccer Cards 2. The alpha version is available in my forum still for those who are interested, but I will now be addressing the big issues on this game at last and hopefully creating something special. I have finally found a fast portable database system to incorporate into the game (critical for running large numbers of leagues) and I may have finally sorted the problems people were having getting the alpha version to run at all. Progress will be slow however, as I will be doing this in my spare time every now and then. Watch this space for further updates. Plans include european competitions in the game, a full editor and a website revamp for the sequel once the issues are sorted. In the distant future I also hope to incorporate international teams & competitions.


Lead your team to the top of the premiership using strategy and cunning in this unique card-based football game

Soccer Cards is a football game quite unlike any other. An addictive game of chance that you influence with your skill. Choose your match cards revealing a situation in play, such as a goal, shot, pass, tackle, penalty, etc. Use your strategy options to increase your scoring chances and thwart your opponents.

Choose any 2 teams for a friendly or go for the career mode. Begin your career as a complete unknown trying to build your reputation as manager getting jobs at bigger clubs if you satisfy your board expectations, or choose a club to start with. Includes the top 8 english football leagues (conference and football triangle below) plus all domestic and european competitions.

Don't knock it until you've tried it - join the addiction!

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(Note this game requires VB6 runtime files. If the game fails to run download them here)